Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home Made Apple Butter

Tart and deep amber-colored, this apple butter is the best you will ever taste!

16-20 Granny Smith or other apple*, peeled, sliced, and chopped
1 cup dark brown sugar, packed**
½ cup honey, sorghum syrup or maple syrup
½ cup apple cider or water
1-2 T. lemon juice, fresh
½ t. ground cloves
½ t. nutmeg
2 t. cinnamon
¼ cup apple brandy, added at the end (optional)

Need: 6-8 pint sized glass jars with lids, preferably canning quality.

Place all ingredients in a large capacity crock pot. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or until apples are very tender. Use an immersible blender wand to work out any lumps. Cook until mixture thickens.

Spoon hot mixture into sterilized jars leaving ½ inch head space. Place lids on jars. Place jars in a large pot full of boiling water. Bring rolling water boil 1-2 inches over the top of the jar lids and prepare in a water bath. Process fifteen to twenty minutes depending on your elevation. Remove jars and cool. Lids will make a popping sound when properly sealed.

Notes: *I used Fujis and the recipe required less sugar. **I used coconut sugar for a lower glycemic index.

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